Xiaomi plans to launch new Border-less Mi Mix Evo in MWC 2017

Following the success already achieved with Xiaomi Mi Mix, company plans to launch another smart phone that is next version of Xiaomi Mi Mix named as Xiaomi Mi Mix Evo.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Evo is a border-less phone, and expected to be launched soon in February this year. This device has been configured revealed on Geekbench recently. If all come true then surely that would be a most valuable improvements on the Xiaomi Mi Mix.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Evo

A new Xiaomi device called Mi Mix Evo has a specialised website for its performance evaluation and is published on Geekbench. Here perhaps Mi Evo carries a meaning that is evolution means upgrading and improving. It has also clearly shown on the product performance test.

Configuration parameters of the Xiaomi Mi Mix Evo been leaked on Geekbench. Accordingly, the Xiaomi Mi Mix Evo uses the MSM 8998 processor that we know called Snapdragon 835. The new Snapdragon Qualcomm processor introduced has attracted great attention of the tech world. The airline said that this chipset will take away the distance of the computer and the phone, as the performance of the smartphone will be a great improvement. That chip is expected to be used in Galaxy S8 and LG G6 as well.

Mi Mix Evo specs

Snapdragon 835 is known today as a chip with strong performance. Besides, the Xiaomi Mi Mix Evo’s RAM is 4GB, this is quite confusing when Xiaomi Mi Mix comes with 6GB of RAM. However, we can’t exclude the possibility that this device will have two different versions and the above shown version is only the lowest configuration one.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Evo design likely remains same:

All the remaining specifications of Xiaomi Mi Mix EVO have not been disclosed. Most likely, the screen remains the same size 6.4 inches. The design of the phone is almost the same as its predecessor Xiaomi Mi Mix. The only point of improvement would be to focus on the camera and the product material. There have been several previous reports that many users feel dissatisfied because the ceramic shell on the device is very easy to crack when dropped.

Perhaps the biggest improvement on the Xiaomi Mi Mix Evo is the durability of the product. Since the launch of Xiaomi Mi Mix, this phone is immediately resonated in the world of largest technology. The sensors are integrated directly below the screen. This stylish design is innovative, creating new trends for smartphones in 2017.

Mi Mix Evo will continue to inherit and promote the strengths that its predecessor have achieved. Xiaomi will launch Mi Mix Evo phone at MWC 2017 event that takes place in late February and early March of this year.


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