Official Xiaomi MIUI 9 Released With Cool Features and See Eligible Devices

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Xiaomi MIUI 9 is launched along with Xiaomi Mi5x on 26th of July and Xiaomi has also asked for beta testers on there official miui forum site to test beta Miui 9. Xiaomi has recently launched its interface MIUI 8 in July this year, which is quite good and widely appreciated by Xiaomi smartphones users. Users reported that MIUI 8 is quite fast and user-friendly. I am sure that users are excited to know that Xiaomi MiUI 9 beta version will be available soon. So that company can do necessary refinements to MIUI 9 and launch the final stable MIUI 9 officially.

MIUI 9 release date is officially confirmed to be released on 26 July 2017.

Xiaomi MIUI 9 Release Date in India and other Countries

If we talk about MIUI 9 release date in India then it is expected that the beta version of MIUI 9 will be available to Xiaomi users in September, near the launch of flagship Xiaomi Mi6.

xiaomi miui 9 eligible devices

MIUI 9 Android 7.0 Nougat Upgrade

After the official launch of Google’s Android Nougat to its Nexus smartphones, other smartphones manufacturers has started software upgrade to their smartphones. And it seems like Xiaomi is no way behind in upgrading to latest android Nougat 7.0 OS. They have not yet finally announce its upgrade plans to Nougat Android 7.0 OS, but rumors said that company is already started working on MIUI 9 Nougat based interface. In this article, we will cover the MIUI 9 Nougat update and the list of eligible devices that will be able to run on MIUI 9 interface.

Recently a screenshot of MIUI 9 version was popped up on a Chinese website Weibo. That does not state any features but the vision of MIUI 9. In addition to this MIUI9 screenshot, there was another update was seen on MIUI forums in which list of MIUI 9 eligible devices was there that will receive the update. We will discuss a list of MIUI 9 eligible devices these later in the same article. Now, let’s move on the features of MIUI 9.

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Xiaomi miui 9

Xiaomi MIUI 9 Features

This interface will bring lots performance improvements and new features over MIUI 8. Here we will list the most rumored and important features of Xiaomi MIUI 9. Let’s start with:

  • Multi-window support
  • Quick-reply from notifications
  • Optimised dose mode
  • RAM optimization
  • Improved data saver
  • Always-on VPN
  • Call screening feature
  • Dual space feature
  • Dual apps

Multi-window support in MIUI 9

You have seen this feature in flagship Samsung smartphones and before in computer and laptops. Now you will be able to use two apps side-by-side in Xiaomi devices like in high-end Samsung smartphones. That will be more productive and joyful for smartphone users. Sometimes we need to have this thing and now it would be available to Xiaomi users as well.

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Quick-reply from notifications in Xiaomi MIUI 9

This is another very useful time-saving feature going to be present in Xiaomi smartphones. After having Xiaomi MIUI 9 upgrade you will be able to reply notification without opening the app or unlocking the phone. Like in Apple iPhones one can reply directly from the notification panel.

Xiaomi MIUI 9 Optimised Doze Mode

This is specially to improve the battery life of your smartphones. This could save a lot of power by managing the apps uptime and killing the unused apps which were running in the background. By doing this your phone will have more battery life, faster processing as your RAM will be freed up by killing background apps. Here we used “optimized” word, so it means that previous Doze mode is optimized for better performance and efficiency. In Xiaomi MIUI 9 nougat upgrade instead of killing the background apps the apps will goes into hibernation mode if you leave phone untouched for long time and screen goes off. MIUI 9 will have the most optimized batter saving system.

RAM optimization in MIUI 9

In MIUI 9 Nougat upgrade memory used by the apps and system will be minimized, so that there will be always more RAM available for new apps to run smoother and faster.

Improved Data Saver

If you have used iPhones before then you have experienced this feature, if not then don’t worry I will explain it here. While we were using the internet on mobiles there were some apps running i the background are consuming our data, which we were not able to control in Xiaomi devices before. But in MIUI 9 Update there is a new improved data saver feature. It will let you control the data access of the apps while they run in background. It has been seen in iPhones as “Background app refresh”.

Always-on VPN

This feature will prevent the rejected calls to appear in notification logs.

Call screening feature

It will let you block the unwanted callers and numbers.

Dual space feature in MIUI 9

This will be another best feature in Xiaomi miui 9 update. You will have two different accounts in Xiaomi smartphones with desired login passwords. Like in computers and laptops you have a guest account and personal account with limited access and restrictions. Same will be introduced in Xiaomi Miui 9 upgrade and you will have all contents secure and private, whereas can use another account for general use or for guest users. You can install any number of apps in both accounts individually.

MIUI 9 Dual Apps

It’s a part of Dual space feature. It will let you use two different version of same app. For example say two Whatsapps app with different logins.

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List of MIUI 9 Eligible Devices That Will Receive Update

  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 3
  • Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime
  • Xiaomi Redmi 3
  • Xiaomi Redmi 3S
  • Xiaomi Redmi 3A
  • Xiaomi Mi 4s
  • Xiaomi Mi 4c
  • Xiaomi Mi 4i.
  • Xiaomi Mi5
  • Xiaomi Mi Max
  • Xiaomi Mi Note
  • Xiaomi Mi Pad 2

This is the list of Xiaomi devices that will receive the MIUI 9 Upgrade. We have found this list on official Xiaomi MIUI forum’s post.

Devices Eligible for MIUI 9 Beta Testing [#Update]

  • Mi 6
  • Mi Max
  • Mi Max Prime
  • Mi Max 2
  • Mi MIX
  • Redmi 4X
  • Mi Note 2
  • Redmi 4A
  • Redmi Note 2
  • Redmi Note 3
  • Redmi 2 Prime
  • Redmi 3S
  • Mi 2S

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How to Apply for miui 9 Beta Testing [#Update]

Xiaomi has officially provided all the details to become miui 9 beta tester. You just have to follow details provided at miui 9 official forum here. Just follow the steps and becoe miui 9 beta tester. These are very simple steps, but be hurry as the registration is open till 21:00 4th. Sept 2017 (Beijing Time). And results will be updated by personal message at your miui forum profile. Hope this would be helpful.

In the official MIUI forum’s post recently launched Xiaomi Mi 5s and Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus were not mentioned. This list was posted by regular MIUI forum community member NOT BY XIAOMI OFFICIALLY. So this is not the final list there are still many more devices are left to be included that will receive the MIUI9 update.

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  1. Androids are data saver buddy and if i talk about the features you mentioned like dual apps ,dual space , quick reply from notifications then miui 8 holders are waiting for these feature.

    • This list is not final Prashant, visit again in coming days for updates and follow our facebook page & google plus for regular updates. 🙂

    • Thanks Vekan for coming at our blog, this is not final list my friend this will be updated soon near future. You can follow our Facebook and Google plus pages for regular updates.

  2. anyone experiencing laggy swipes? when I swipe left/right its not accurate, and registers as up/down swipes. very annoying. Brand new Mi5 I might add too, running Miui

  3. is this update can support to redmi 4 3gb ram varient of indian version?
    or redmi 4x ?
    plz tell me on my yahoo mail id…..

  4. Here you see the difference of Qualcomm and MediaTek.
    Qualcomm = Update
    MediaTek = No update..

    Y’all should think before buying a phone in the future.

  5. when the new update released?? i am facing some problems in my Mi4i 32Gb like-battery draining and display contrast.. Hope the new update will Fix my issueS..!!

  6. Is REDMI 4.. SUPPORTED MIUI9 Or NAUGHT 7 Is yes or no???
    If so, then what will be its expected date to get updated redmi 4.

  7. Hey! I’m not getting miui updates on my Redmi note.
    My phone is still working on version 8.0, although the latest version is 8.5. Please help

  8. I have mi max prime 128 gb phone bought in may 2017. Can you please let me know the date or month for stable Miui 9 and Android noughat update . Your reply for the above query will be highly appreciated. Thank you.


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