Xiaomi Mi7 Specifications, Price and Release Date in India

Xiaomi Mi7
Xiaomi mi7

Xiaomi will launch its new flagship Xiaomi Mi7 smartphone in next year near 2018 3rd quarter. It is expected that Xiaomi Mi 7 will be one of the best smartphones in 2018. Xiaomi is become the third largest smartphone company in the world with its Mi-series smartphones and is working toward the 1st position. Xiaomi Mi7 will be the 7th generation phone from Xiaomi and will come with some great and advanced features.

It is expected that next generation Xiaomi Mi7 will possess larger screen around 5.3 inches that supports 4K resolution, 4GB RAM, upto 128 GB or more storage, 25 MP camera and the most important – Snapdragon 830 processor with 3.0 GHz super fast speed. This will be amazing to have such Xiaomi mi7 specifications, as it will separate Mi7 Xiaomi smartphone among other premium smartphones releasing in 2018. Xiaomi has shown and proved itself with the launch of its sleek and stylish smartphones since its inception in the mobile market.

Xiaomi Mi7

Why are we talking about Xiaomi Mi7 so early?

Xiaomi Company is already working on its Xiaomi Mi7 smartphone since the last couple of months. Yes, we know what you are thinking- “Xiaomi Mi6 has not released yet and we started talking about Xiaomi Mi7 smartphone. But trust us we have got this news from a lot of research and insight information. Xiaomi is working towards Xiaomi Mi6 release date and will definitely launch it in the 1st quarter of 2017 most probably in February.

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What Xiaomi Mi7 Specifications and Features will be?

As of now, we cannot say very much sure about what Xiaomi Mi7 specification will have, but as per our research and analysis, we would like to point out what it could be. Per insights info, Mi7 Xiaomi will have very decent and upgraded specs. It will be able to give a tough fight to the top smartphone market holders or directly say Apple, Samsung and later added Google Pixel too. It will have latest upcoming Snapdragon 830 processor, super fast wireless charging, retina scanner, fingerprint scanner, 4K resolution display, HD 25 MP camera and what not.

xiaomi mi7 concept images

Detail About Xiaomi Mi 7 Specs and Features

The processor in Xiaomi Mi7

Xiaomi mi7 processor

We are expecting the next generation Snapdragon 830 processor in Xiaomi Mi7 but there are rumors also that it may come with Snapdragon 820 processor. Insights suggest that it will have Snapdragon 830 processor that gives a speed of 2.8 to 3.0 GHz. According to leaks Snapdragon 830 processor will on mass production from 2017 summer. It makes us believe to have latest 830 processor.

Xiaomi Mi7 Display

Xiaomi mi7 Display design

Leaks suggest that Mi7 Xiaomi mobile will have a 5.3-inch display. It’s not much larger but nor smaller. Later there will be big screen versions also release. Mi7 will have a 4K display but rumors also suggest another screen that is UHD display. It also of similar quality with a small difference in pixels as the 4K display has 4096*2160 while UHD has 3840*2160 resolution which cannot be seen by naked eyes.

Superfast Wireless Charging – Twice fast as of now

Xiaomi mi7 wireless charging

Both these features have existed now but individually, Xiaomi mi7 will have both these features that will charge its battery in just half time as of now without any wire. This technology is also expecting to be in other mi7 rivals.

Retina Scanner in Mi7

Mi7 Xiaomi retina scanner

As of now, smartphones have fingerprint scanners that scan fingerprints and unlock your smartphones, but in Mi7 Xiaomi there will be retina scanner that will be more fast and secure than today’s fingerprint scanner. It will unlock Mi7 by scanning the retina of your eye. It’s quite secure and fast as well. 

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Storage Capacity of Mi7 

Storage has always been a concern for smartphone user and to sort it out Xiaomi mi7 will provide a wide range of storage options. It will be available in 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and also an external card slot to expand its double its storage. Actually, the external card slot is a thing which Xiaomi’s user cares about, I have seen many users asking for external card slots in all Xiaomi mobiles and Xiaomi is also taking care just for its user sake. This shows that how Xiaomi is caring about its user by analysing its forums and feedbacks.

Finger Print Sensor in Mi7

As we said above Xiaomi is introducing retina scanner in Xiaomi Mi 7 then what’s the need of fingerprint scanner. Xiaomi is testing its retina scanner and may not use fingerprint scanner anymore.

Xiaomi Mi7 Camera

Rumors tell that Mi7 Xiaomi will have 25 MP rear and 8 MP front camera. Camera quality is already so nice in comparison to Apple and Samsung but still, they are improving a lot.

Xiaomi will also add the new features to its camera such as optical image stabilisation, dual lens, auto laser focus and its also rumored that Xiaomi Mi7 is working in 3D technology to be launched in its Mi7 Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Mi7 Price in India and Other Countries

It’s expected that Xiaomi Mi7 mobile price in India will be 30K Rupees. One thing that we all notice if not let me tell you- Xiaomi has increased the price of its smartphones as they are becoming more popular with quality and time right? It’s fine as they are providing great products in less price as compared to big brands like Apple and Samsung. See the list below for Price of Xiaomi Mi7.

Xiaomi mi7 Price in India 30,000 India Rupees
Xiaomi mi7 价钱 in China 3550 Yuan
mi7 Harga in Indonesia 6829522 Indonesian Rupiah
Mi 7 Price in Singapore 729.920 Singapore Dollar
Xiaomi mi7 Price in Thailand 18366.94 Thai Baht

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Expected Xiaomi Mi7 Release Date

It is rumored that Mi7 Xiaomi will be release in the 3rd quarter of 2018 next year. But it’s not very clear if we look for a release date of Xiaomi mi6. It was expected to be released in October this year but it’s not and extended to Feb 2017. So we are not sure the exact Xiaomi Mi7 release date.

But if we see from an angle where Xiaomi is competing with smartphone giant Apple and Samsung than we can assume that Xiaomi will launch Mi7 Xiaomi in near about September or October starting, as both the above smartphones companies launch its smartphones at this time and compete with each other too. Hope we will see Xiaomi in the same queue next year.

Mi7 Release Date in India 3rd quarter 2017
Xiaomi mi7 Release Date in China 3rd quarter 2017
Xiaomi mi 7 Release Date in Thailand 3rd quarter 2017
Mi7 Xiaomi Release Date in UK 3rd quarter 2017
Mi 7 Release Date in US 3rd quarter 2017
Release Date in Singapore 3rd quarter 2017


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This is a smartphone that will shake the market when it will release next year, so there will be limited stock for this smartphone and you all wanted to add this to your cart once its available for sale. Mostly Xiaomi mi7 Flipkart will be on sale only on big e-commerce sites in India.

You can buy this smartphone by following some of the sites that provide the script to add such limited sale products in your cart. These scripts will work continuously until it adds the product to your cart. So before 1-2 days of Xiaomi Mi7 Flipkart sale, you can search Google for “Xiaomi Mi7 add to cart script” and follows their steps to successfully add this smartphone to your cart and buy it.

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