Xiaomi Mi6 Release in February with Snapdragon 835

xiaomi mi6 processor snapdragon 835

Xiaomi is doing super good there is no doubt. The Chinese manufacturer has been surprising with every new release of its smartphones along with lavish quality, power, and of course an extremely competitive price that is very difficult to find in competition with the most popular smartphone manufacturers.

xiaomi mi6 processor snapdragon 835

The Chinese giant continues to follow its successful path and is working on another powerful smartphone that is expected to hit the market at an extremely competitive price and will give a lot of work to its competitors.

This new device is the Xiaomi Mi 6, replacement device of the current Xiaomi Mi5 and that is part of the premium line of the manufacturer. The new smartphone will feature the Snapdragon 835 processor, the next top-of-the-line chipset from Qualcomm, being more powerful than the current phones on the market.

In addition to the powerful processor, the Xiaomi Mi 6 will be launched at almost the same time as the Samsung Galaxy S8, being its direct competitor. Otherwise, the Samsung smartphone will also feature a variant with the same processor, further enhancing the competitiveness between the two devices.

Xiaomi is a company that is standing in front of very well settled smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple and other big giants. Xiaomi has proved its presence in the smartphone world with the launch of its competitive phones at very very competitive price. This company has find the way to lead the smartphone business and is towards the revolution. No one has expected that one day this company will give very tough competition to Samsung like big brands.

There in something’s that Xiaomi needs to work on to be at top in business and some of the things are innovation. Yess innovation, till now we have not seen any new things in Xiaomi smartphones but we are sure that Xiaomi is surly working on it. Once Xiaomi introduce such new thing than my dear friends the day is not too far when Xiaomi will be the no. one smartphone company in the world.

Based on the above information, the speculated date for the launch of the Xiaomi Mi 6 revolves around the end of January and the beginning of February 2017, similar to the Galaxy S8. And let another Xiaomi monster come.



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