Xiaomi Mi6 Will Be The First Phone to Have 5G Connectivity

Xiaomi mi6 release date
Xiaomi Mi6

Xiaomi is a brand that given surprises many time after its smartphones launched in the market. We knew since Xiaomi started making smartphones, that it started very well. And right now the Chinese company has some of the best smartphones that we can buy. Few weeks ago Xiaomi introduced their new devices Xiaomi Mi5s and Xiaomi Mi5s Plus, which have the same specifications or better than the current high-end smartphones, but with a much lower price. The media sections of Xiaomi smartphones always hot and interesting, but they end up being below the competition.

Xiaomi Mi6 release date

Xiaomi is usually never the first to invent something new, since other companies always do and Xiaomi copy it. We can see it in the case of curved screens, such as the one that will incorporate in the Mi Note 2, that previously introduced in Samsung’s S6 Edge smartphone, or also with the dual camera, already many manufacturers carry it in their smart phones. And the Chinese company Xiaomi has done it for the first time with its newly introduced smart phone that we mentioned above. We saw in another article that they wanted to be the first to make a flexible screen, but it seems that they do not rest and want to cover even more.

Xiaomi wants to use 5G networks:

The news we bring you today is that, apparently the next Xiaomi device, which will surely be called Xiaomi Mi6, will take the technology to use 5G connectivity. It would be the first smartphone to do so, and the weird thing about a smartphone in 2017 is that the infrastructure to use 5G networks will not be available until 2020. Xiaomi may be thinking about the future and be a marketing strategy too But we also have to say that the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea will start using this technology, but to a lesser extent.

Xiaomi does not want to lose the pace of its competitors and wants to present new, innovative things that make users think that they are one step ahead of all, and with these details they will achieve soon.

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