Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air launched – Check Price, Specs, Features and More

All Chinese market has been watching for new Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air & Xiaomi Redmi Pro new phablet. These both devices were launched at an event in Beijing, China last month (July).


Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air takes the company into the personal computer business. Xiaomi is known to be “Apple of China”. Which was reflected very well when Xiaomi introduces its initial smartphones with Apple like standard quality and designs. Xiaomi is keen to keep this culture with its new release Mi Notebook Air. Sources said that the new Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air is thinner as compared to present MacBook Air from Apple.

Mi Notebook Air Thickness


Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air Specification, Features and Price:

Mi Notebook Air will comes with 13.3 inch Full HD display, features an edge-to-edge glass protector. It’s made of metal body just like other xiaomi devices. Xiaomi’s Mi Notebook Air dimensions measures as 309.6 X 210.9 14.8mm with weight of 1.28kg. It comes with Type-C USB port and two USB 3.0 ports, Its good to have two 3.0 USB ports as per speed standards in such devices.  It also have HDMI port, does’t it sounds good? Yeah that what we want. A 3.5mm headphone jack, and an individual key lighting keyboard of full size and very thin.

Xiaomi Notebook Air is equipped with intel core i5 SoC processor and RAM of 8GB. You will get 256GB of SSD storage and a powerful battery with backup of 9.5 hours. This configuration makes this Notebook ultra lightning fast in all conditions. Xiaomi Mi Notebook powered by latest Windows 10 operating system.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air Specs

Price of Xiaomi mi Notebook in China is 750 USD, which is not so much at this level of configuration and design. This price tag is only for China not for other continents, as the price will change for other countries due to shipping charges and other taxes but but nothing to be worried about as change will not be so huge.

Variants Of Mi Notebook Air:

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air comes in two variants. The model i described above (13.3-inch) is the larger one and there is another one (12.5-inch) that has smaller display and lightweight.

This 12.5-inch Notebook Air has also Full HD Display and slim metal body. It comes with batter of backup upto 11.5 hours. It powered by a slightly lower processor of Intel’s M3 SoC and comes with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of SSD (Solid State Drive). This powerful Notebook comes at price tag of 525 USD in China.That’s a budget Notebook from Xiaomi for mid range users.


Buy Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air:

This powerful and good looking device will be available for purchase from 1st week of august (2nd August 2016) as per Official company information. Notebook Air will only be available for Chinese customers not worldwide. But sources said that this device will be available in India, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and other countries at the end of August.

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