Don’t like MIUI? Xiaomi Mi 5X receives pure Android from Mi A1 unofficially


The Mi A1 , new device of Xiaomi, has attracted the attention for being the first smartphone from the company to be part of Android One. Not only that, but it also provides more powerful hardware than was seen in other handsets launched in partnership with Google in India.

The device was officialized last week and brought the same hardware seen in the recently released Mi 5X . What basically changes is that instead of having Android highly modified by Xiaomi we have something closer to the offer offered by Google in the line Nexus and Pixel.

For those who have purchased the Mi 5X or intend to import the new Xiaomi broker, there is good news coming from the MIUI forum. The heli0us developer has just released a Mi A1 ROM port for the Xiaomi device with MIUI. In this way, if you do not like the radically changed interface of the company you can opt for something cleaner and more standard.


According to the responsible for the port, the ROM works perfectly and does not present any bug that prevents the use of the system in the day to day. Of course, to install the Mi A1 ROM in your Mi 5X you will need to unlock the bootloader, which will erase all the memory of your smartphone.

The Mi A1 can be found for less price, but the Mi 5X has a greater availability. This way, no matter which one you choose to import, you’ll be able to take advantage of pure Android in any of them. If you are interested in checking the installation process and follow the details of the ROM, just check the link in the source below.



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