Will it be Xiaomi Mi6 or Xiaomi Mi 5c – Images Leaked

Xiaomi mi6 leaked images

After nine months with the current flagship in the smartphone market, it is time to think about the generational relay of Xiaomi Mi5. The first candidate will be the Xiaomi Mi6, a novelty that would arrive early next year. However, there are multitude of data intersecting in these images that have also been identified that would simply be a renewal in the form of Xiaomi Mi 5c.

Xiaomi has pushed the accelerator in – What is new to the smartphone market. This year we have not only seen the expected Xiaomi Mi5 – which incidentally has a double discount on Black Friday – but the firm has had time to launch an improved version, the Xiaomi Mi5s. Nourish the midrange and access with multiple models of Xiaomi Redmi, in addition to put on sale the expected Xiaomi Mi Note 2 with curved Dual Edge.

We cannot forget the spectacular Xiaomi Mi Mix, a Phablet with mega screen without frames. However, the Asian brand will continue to show more news at a good pace, in the coming months. The Xiaomi Mi6 (if in the end is not the Xiaomi Mi 5c) is postulated as one of the most anticipated product.

Pictures of Xiaomi Mi6 or Xiaomi Mi 5c Which of the two is it?

Many networks already begins to drop information and material on the new model, although we have not seen any consensus on the “name” except in Android Pure assure that it is the Xiaomi Mi6 while Gizmochina bet on Xiaomi Mi 5c. During the last few weeks we have had access to recreations that said to shape the design of the Xiaomi Mi6 in its development phase and the photos that have appeared in the Chinese social network Weibo puts on the table a change of the image of the futurist model. However, we must clarify that they would be images recreated based on the design of a prototype, they are not real, whether of the Xiaomi Mi6 or Xiaomi Mi 5c.

Xiaomi mi 5c leaked images

Design of the Xiaomi Mi6 or Xiaomi Mi 5c

According to the details that can be extracted from the photos of the prototype, it is possible to emphasize that the model supposedly would adopt a casing of aluminum of a single body. In the image, specifically it appears with a casing of black color of metallic finish, with all strength of aluminum.

The shapes of the equipment shown in these images would show a smartphone with very rounded corners and, apparently, a computer with a really reduced thickness. Similarly, renderings of the Xiaomi Mi6 or Xiaomi Mi 5c would let you see – if the aesthetic details of the posterior model are confirmed – a large rear camera (sensor and lens) with a high power LED flash. On the front the highlight would run a specially reduced bezel screen, as well as the incorporation of a physical Home button on the bottom where an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor would be housed.

Regarding the possible characteristics of the Xiaomi Mi6, the rumors and leaks have not yet recorded what specifications will look. However, there is already speculation that the Xiaomi Mi6 will be powered by Snapdragon 835 processor, in addition to 1st phone that support 5G networks.

Will the data offered by the leakage in the form of alleged photos of the Xiaomi Mi6 be real if so, to what extent could the appearance of this Xiaomi Mi6 vary from design and development to the final version? Keep visiting us for new updates on Xiaomi Mi6.


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