MIUI 8 vs MIUI 9 Comparison & Tests [8 Differences You Should Know]

compare miui 8 vs miui 9

MIUI 9 is one of the widely discussed topics on the internet in the present time. The official global version has already been released and the Xiaomi has already provided the list of devices that will e getting the same. Well, the good news is, almost all of the Xiaomi devices expect a few will get it. There is nothing wrong to say that MIUI 9 is best in every aspect and being a successor of MIUI 8, it also has some best features. Probably you have seen them in MIUI 8 and thus, it would be good for you to know what new your device will be having shortly if you own any device that is eligible for this latest update.

The good thing is there are many features that are capable to enhance the experience of a user. At the same time, one can add a lot of functionality in the device. Once updated to MIUI 9, you need not to worry about the bugs that you are currently facing with the version 8. Therefore it is suggested to you to go with the update immediately as you saw it on your device. Here is the information on MIUI 8 and MIUI 9 comparison to let you know what new you can enjoy.

Here are MIUI8 vs MIUI 9 – Top 8 Differences You Should Know

  1. Faster app uploads time
    With MIUI 9 on your device, you can always make sure of faster uploading of apps. The uploading time has almost enhanced to double and as a user, you can always make sure of saving time without compromising the accuracy. In addition to this, it includes better resource allocation and app memory management.
  2. Split Screen
    Well, this is one of the best features that MIUI 9 will be reflecting. As a user, you would be able to split your device screen simply by tapping on a button. Actually, this is one of the best features for those who need to experience uninterrupted multitasking. The screen can be divided into two equal halves even when you are playing videos.Also Read: Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 final design and features leaked
  3. Smart Assistant
    This feature in MIUI 9 is something that simply helps users in performing various tasks. The fact is instructions would be displayed on the screen while performing some important tasks. This feature would be useful while searching the images and other data.
  4. Smart image editing
    For those who love capturing and editing snaps, the MIUI 9 would be a best OS till data. This is because it simply enables users to edit their images in a manner they never experienced before. This basically includes removing the background noise and artifacts. Probably it adds quality to the images and always makes sure of HD outputs.
  5. Enhanced battery backupTamilrockers
    When it comes to MIUI 8 and MIUI 9 comparison, probably the users of latter would be able to enjoy better battery life. Xiaomi has worked very hard to enable users to save the battery. The fact is MIUI 9 has been capable to close the background apps automatically when they are not used for a specific time period. There are other similar features that help cutting down the overall load on the battery.
  6. Quick reply from notifications
    The users of MIUI 9 would be able to make a quick reply from the notifications and in fact, without actually opening the app. This may seem strange, but it is actually true and you can always make sure of the appearance of a bar to reply to the notification on the top of the screen.
  7. Call screening feature
    The call screening feature is another good thing in the MIUI 9 which will add a lot to the experience of users. Call making and receiving would simply be made better with this feature. It is actually one of the best things that the OS will bring along with it.
  8. Better data saving
    Upon MIUI 8 and MIUI 9 comparison, it has been seen that the latter is best in imposing bandwidth consumption and thus resulting in saving data. The data saving mode let you perform any task without wasting the bandwidth and the good thing is, this feature simply help you to cut down your overall bills.
  9. currencyspeaks

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In addition to all above, there are certain other features that the MIUI 9 has been equipped with. Some of them include Always ON VPN, RAM optimization, dual space, as well as better dose mode. MIUI 9 is actually based on Android Nougat and existing MIUI 8 users will soon get the opportunity to enjoy them on their device.


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