Latest Leaked Images of Xiaomi Mi6 Phone [Rumors]

Xiaomi Mi6 leaked image

We have got news about leaked images of Xiaomi Mi6, we are following Xiaomi for its upcoming latest Flagship Xiaomi Mi6, which is expecting to be released in next year’s 1st quarter. Xiaomi has launched its flagship Xiaomi Mi5 early this year in February which went on sale in April. This was quite decent smartphone from Xiaomi, had very nice specs and features.

As Xiaomi Mi6 release date is coming closer rumors and leaks are started surfacing on internet. Recently we got new leaks about images of Xiaomi Mi6. One of the Chinese micro blogging website weibo makes news by showing Xiaomi Mi6 leaked images.

Analysis of Leaked images of Xiaomi Mi6

These are the recently leaked images of Xiaomi Mi6. In these images Mi6 is in black color and seems very premium smartphone.

Leaked Images Of Xiaomi Mi6

Here in the leaked image we can see the back side of Mi6 has a dual tone LED flash light in same fashion as in iPhone 5s, camera sensor on the top left corner and Mi branding is seen on center of bottom as in its other Mi series smartphones. Apart from these clearly visible features we can also see that the body is seems to be made of steal. The top and bottom part is separated like iPhone 6 but with invisible antenna lines.

Xiaomi Mi6 Leaked Images

Now let’s see the front side of Xiaomi Mi6, there is a physical wide home button just below the main screen, which seems having inbuilt fingerprint scanner. The front camera can be seen just next to the earpiece. These are the things which are visible in these rumored leaked photos of Xiaomi Mi6, as these are the only photos available of this upcoming flagship Xiaomi Mi6. There are no details about other specifications of this upcoming smartphone.

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These are very early leaks of upcoming Xiaomi Mi6 phone, as Xiaomi has recently unveiled its latest versions of Xiaomi Mi5 as Xiaomi Mi5s and Xiaomi Mi5s Plus smartphones with quite impressive specs, features and hardware inside. Keep visiting for latest updates about Xiaomi Mi6.


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