Top Differences Between Xiaomi Mi and Redmi Phones [Mi vs Redmi]

Xiaomi mi vs redmi

You must have heard the news about the launch of latest large screen smartphone called Xiaomi Mi Note Pro, the launch of this fastest smartphone turned out to leave a bit of confusion for Xiaomi fans in many countries.

Many people wonder whether Xiaomi Mi series and redmi series are the same product or different? Because, there are Xiaomi Redmi Note smartphone and there are Xiaomi Mi Note as well. There is Xiaomi redmi 1S, there is also Xiaomi Mi 1S. This is the cause of the confusion among many people who are not too familiar with Xiaomi.

Xiaomi mi vs redmi

Different segmentation:

Keep in mind, Xiaomi Redmi and Xiaomi Mi are two different types of smartphones. The variant of the Xiaomi Redmi is reserved for the middle and entry-level. It can be seen from several smartphone specifications like redmi, redmi 1s and redmi Note that only uses a quad-core or octa-core middle class of Qualcomm Snapdragon and MediaTek processors.

On the other hand, Xiaomi Mi was created for the upper middle class. Examples such as Xiaomi Mi 3, Mi4, Mi Note, until the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro. Entirely in upper-class processors, ie quad-core or quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Series which is also used by high-end smartphones from other manufacturers.

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Different specifications of Xiaomi Mi and Redmi:

As already mentioned in the first point, Xiaomi redmi smartphone series equipped with just the middle class processor. They equipped with a capacity of only 1 or 2 GB of RAM only. So even same with the quality of its camera. The average smartphone redmi series only has a resolution of 8 MP (except redmi Note has a 13 MP camera).

At Xiaomi Mi series smartphones, in addition to having the highest processor in its class, also supported the extra large RAM capacity between 3 to 4 GB. While minimal camera has a resolution of 13 MP. Another thing that distinguishes exist on the design side, where the average redmi variant made of plastic, while the Mi variant has a blend of plastic and aluminum or stainless steel. This makes variant Mi more elegant look and feels solid in the hand.

Redmi is Cheaper while Mi are Expensive:

When compared in terms of price, all variants Xiaomi redmi priced under $ 300. On the contrary, all variants of the Mi usually sold over $ 300. An example is the latest product Xiaomi, the Mi Note Pro that has a high enough price to US $ 532. If the amount calculated using the exchange rate, the price of the smartphone redmi series usually no more, while the price of Mi series smartphones certainly there over.

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Of the three points which we lay on top of it, you should have understood the difference between Xiaomi redmi series and Mi series. Xiaomi redmi offer middle-class specifications at affordable prices even cheaper, while Xiaomi Mi offers the best specifications at affordable prices that are sometimes quite expensive as compare to redmi.

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