A guide on how to reset Mi band 2

reset mi band 2

With the continuously rising popularity of Xiaomi products, the Chinese manufacturer is becoming more and more trustful all over the world. When Xiaomi entered the smart devices market, no one imaged one day they will be introducing some of the devices with cunning edge technology. One example is Mi Band 2. It is actually a smart band manufactured by Xiaomi for those who are health conscious and need to keep a close eye on their health. However, it’s true that it has some minor bugs in them which can be eliminated by resetting it. In this post, I will guide you on how to reset MI Band 2 simply.

One of the leading facts about this product is, within a very short time period, it has gained a lot of popularity. Also, it is one of the best available devices in this category in the present time. It’s worth mentioning here that like all Xiaomi devices, it too comes with the lowest price tag. Of course, its price is nothing when you compare it with other products in its class by other manufacturers. Although it’s best in every aspect, in case you are facing any issue, you can simply reset MI Band 2. Check out the below instructions for the same.

How to reset Mi Band 2?

Before you proceed further, I would like to tell you that resetting your device means you are actually erasing everything stored on it and bringing it in the default settings. As it erases everything, there are certain chances that all the problems will also be gone. This is due to the fact that most problems arrive due to no other reason than minor OS glitches and bugs. There are two methods to help you in this matter and they are spotlighted below.

Method 1

  • Simply unlock your MI band 2
  • Open the device “Settings” and scroll down to find the option “Apps”
  • Tap on it and again scroll down to find the “Bluetooth Share”
  • Tap on it and then tap “Force Stop”
  • Clear all cache data”
  • You are done

Method 2

  • Simply unlock your Mi band 2
  • Remove and re-install the MI Fit app from the Play store once again.

So this is how you can reset MI band 2 in simple steps. There are certain chances that the problems will be gone and your band will gain its proper functionality once again. In case the problem still exists, you need to visit the nearby MI authorized repair center.

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam

    I have purchased 30 plus of your Mi Band 1 and Mi band 2 for Family and friends as gifts and awaits the Mi band 3 early 2018 9 March I believe)
    The problem is that I am an International Pilot and cross the International Date line from Hong Kong to the USA numerous times each month and then I can not monitor my sleep pattern until one day after this crossing of the Date Line ( Problem 1 )
    Your device does not allow me to monitor my required sleep during daylight hours prior to my all night flights, would you be PLEASE amend your soft ware that your bands will monitor no matter what time of the the day that you sleep and even monitor your sleep no matter what time of the day and how many times that you have slept. Nursing Mothers have to catch sleep when ever they can and you would greatly enhance your product with this function.

    Kind Regards

    David Cashel


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