Compare Xiaomi Mi5 and Xiaomi Mi6 [Mi5 vs Mi6]

xiaomi mi5 vs mi6

Every smartphone always offers new and unique advantages of its precursor. Therefore, to determine more easily here is the list of difference between Xiaomi MI5 and Xiaomi MI6 in detail. So make sure you select smartphone that can satisfy your needs. Though the Xiaomi Mi6 has not announced yet but as per various Xiaomi Mi6 rumors and leaks, we have compiled the list of features that most probably Xiaomi’s Mi6 will have. Let’s start the face to face comparison between Xiaomi Mi5 and Mi6:

xiaomi mi5 vs xiaomi mi6

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  1. Rear Camera

    Xiaomi MI5 has a primary camera of 16 mp with the ability of F/2.0, face detection, autofocus, OIS (4-axis), dual-LED flash, record video up to 2160p @ 30fps, 1080p @ 30fps, 720p @ 120fps. On the other hand, Xiaomi Mi6 phone improved more rapidly with 23-megapixel primary camera along with latest technologies on its camera sensor called Iris Eye Sensor Technology and ISOCELL.

  2. Front Camera

    Xiaomi Mi5 smartphone equipped with the 4-megapixel front camera only, but the successors namely Xiaomi Mi6 smartphone equipped with the 8-megapixel front camera so it is best for your selfie activities.

  3. Screen Clarity

    Xiaomi Mi5 carried a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels (~ 428 PPI pixel density) display so that the image and the colors are observable. But Xiaomi Mi6 smartphone will have 4K quality resolution display that is 4096 x 2160 pixels. Imagine how good the colour and clarity of the picture on MI6 display will be.

  4. Screen Size

    In Xiaomi Mi5 users have a 5.15-inch screen with IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen display and protective Corning Gorilla Glass 4. But in Mi6 size of the screen is 5.3 inches wide.

  5. User Interface (MIUI)

    We know that Xiaomi Mi5 has MIUI 7 that makes success in the digital market. But the successor Xiaomi Mi6 will come with MIUI 8 preloaded in Mi6. Xiaomi is also working on Xiaomi MIUI 9 since after release of MIUI 8, and beta MIUI 9 will be available soon for Xiaomi mi6.

  6. Battery Power

    Xiaomi Mi5 uses the Li-Po battery type with a power capacity of 3000 mAh that is non-removable. But in Xiaomi Mi6 the battery capacity increases to 4000 mAh that fit the experience of the wide screen.

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  7. Weight of Xiaomi Mi5 and Xiaomi Mi6

    Xiaomi Mi5 phone has a 5.15-inch display that reaches 129 gms. While on Mi6 that spans a wider screen that is 5.3 inches plus another larger battery of 4000 mAh, to be sure the device will be bit heavier than its predecessor Mi5.

  8. Performance Tools

    Because Xiaomi Mi5 is a premium smartphone which targets the upper-middle-class people; this device is equipped with hardware that is Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 820 chipset, quad-core CPU Kryo 2:15 GHz and Adreno GPU 530. What about the Xiaomi Mi6 smartphone? Due to its premium smartphone successor, it will definitely have much better hardware configuration and specifications, it is expected that Mi6 may have Snapdragon 835 processor.

  9. RAM

    Xiaomi Mi5 carrying 3GB RAM in standard & prime edition while 4GB RAM in its Pro edition version. But Xiaomi mi6 carrying larger RAM like 4GB or 6 GB of RAM. With that capacity, it makes applications and games surely run smoothly without any fear.

  10. Internal Memory

    Xiaomi Mi5 limited external storage space, but increasing the reach of internal storage space up to 128 GB. In the Xiaomi Mi6 expanded internal storage space up to 256 GB. With an internal memory of the files can be stored by the user in Xiaomi MI6.

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Now we already know the difference between Xiaomi Mi5 and Mi6 smartphones. Which one is your choice? The most appropriate option is in accordance with your needs and the amount of budget that you have to take it.

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